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Model United Nations of Hamburg

Organizers of MUNOH 2015

Secretaries General

Dear participants of MUNoH 2015. We are Alina Kempe, Arian Okhovat, Felix Jacob, and Simon Pflesser and together we will be the Secretaries Generals of the MUNoH 2015 conference. All of us are students at the Gymnasium Meiendorf and we chose the "International Relations" profile. This profile gives us the chance to be part of the executive team of our conference. The fact that there are more than two Secretaries Generals is different than before, yet we want to improve MUNoH with this change in the executive team. We hope to make this conference the best MUNoH ever by working as hard as we can. The reason behind our interest in this job is the opportunity to work with the delegates and take care of the Rules of Procedure. Moreover, we are jubilant to be able to find interesting debating topics as well as organize the different committees and councils. By organizing the committees and councils, it will be our responsibility to do the country allocation and make sure o ur choices are the best possible. MUNoH 2015 is going to be during our 12th and final year of high school and therefore it is going to be one of our last memories at the Gymnasium Meiendorf that is hopefully going to be great! In cooperation with the rest of the executive team we are already planning and doing a lot for the conference. If you have any problems or questions regarding the Secretaries Generals don't hesitate to contact us: We are keen to get to know all of you!
Best regards, Alina, Arian, Felix, and Simon.

Conference Management

Dear future participants of MUNoH 2015, we Christopher Carlsen, Fenja Schmidt, Janne Peters and Jannes Lehmann are honored to be the Conference Management in 2015. We are all part of the “International Relations” profile at the Gymnasium Meiendorf and currently attending the 11th grade. It’s our responsibility to stay in contact with all the MUN-Directors furthermore we book locations for the ceremonies and write your information booklets. All four of us will do their very best to make MUNoH 2015 an unforgettable experience for all of you.
Yours sincerely, Christopher Carlsen, Jannes Lehmann, Janne Peters and Fenja Schmidt

Presidents of the General Assembly

Hello and welcome to MUNoH 2015! We are your Presidents of the General Assembly, Berit Feddermann and Julian Castelli. When the Conference takes place next year we will be 17 and 18 years old. With the great team we have and all our efforts, we will do our very best to make you feel comfortable, prepared, informed and have a good time debating and enjoying Hamburg, the most beautiful city in the world. We participated at several conferences and will be a part of the upcoming ones in Dortmund and Rome as well. Amazed by the beauty of people from all nations coming together and discussing issues of international importance, it always was a dream to lead a conference and being your host. In our opinion MUN is all about international relations, debating and fun and the memories you keep are for a lifetime. We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference and are very excited about the great time we will all have together!
Best regards, Berit and Julian

Head of Secretariat

We are the Heads of Secretariat and FCO; Sarah Kerstan, Jake Srajek and Mahdad Najafkia. We’re looking forward to the MUNoH conferences, where we’ll be taking care of everything that has to do with organization of lists and such. You will receive your badge and information folder from us, and we’ll also organize an information wall which we’ll frequently update with currently relevant information. If you have any questions, feel free to approach us at any time.
Once again, we’re very much looking forward to the 2015 MUNoH conference.

Head of Admin Staff


We are Ben Zickmann, Christian Carstensen and Negin Vessal and this year we are responsible for the AdminStaff. They are the heart of any MUN conference because without them the conference couldn't work at all. Without the AdminStaff the conference would be a mess and we are proud to be the leaders of this important part of the MUNOH 2015 meeting. We are trying to create a good work climate for the Delegates and have everything well organized so the conference can be perfect. Our most important goal is the good communication between us and our hard working Adstaff that we appreciate every year. If you have any questions don't hesitate send us an E-mail to
Your Heads of AdStaff

Financial Management

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that we have been selected to provide the financial management services to you. We are honored to be a part of the MUNOH Organization-Team and participate in this significant project. Through our participation, we will produce better results for you. Our mission is to improve the circumstances of the MUN conference this year in Hamburg. We are working hand-in-hand with the other MUNOH institutions and provide the requisite capital, which we obtain from our exceptional investment sponsors. Those sponsors are our priority. They are the most important component of the financial management. Our overarching desire is to satisfy their needs to the maximum extent possible. We honor them because their generous conduct contributes to a substantial improvement in the entire conference. We are honored and humbled to have been selected to manage all of the financial responsibilities for the conference. The conference is not merely a job for us; it is an unprecedented opportunity to showcase our skills and serve our clients with the highest levels of professional acumen. We are delighted to be able to contribute our services for the next MUN conference in Hamburg. We look forward to meeting all of you, wish you each a great conference!
Your Financial Management, Hannes B. Scheerer and Philipp S. Jakubczyk

Student Supervisor (Housing)

Hello, we are Daniel Daneshian, Mariam Salam and Elena Wascher from the International Relations Profil here at the Gymnasium Meiendorf. As a group we are the student supervisors at MUNoH 2015. Our work is to find host families that will give our international guests a nice and welcoming place to sleep during the MUNoH conference. If you are interested in becoming a host family or have any questions concerning host families, don't hesitate to contact us via We are looking forward to hear from you, the best student-supervisor team MUNoH has ever seen!
Daniel Daneshian, Mariam Salam and Elena Wascher


We are the press and PR team consisting of Luisa Piel, Jan-Paul Siegesmund and Jill Steinbrügge got a juicy challenge we accepted. Now it is on us to draw the public eye on this one of a kind life experience. We are between 17 and 18 years of age while the conference and look forward to master it as well as our abilities allow it.

Event Management

Hey guys, we have the honour to be the members of the Event Management at the MUNOH 2015 conference in Hamburg. Our names are Josephine Asare, Maria Mastoridis and Tarek Sultan and all of as are 17 years old. For Josephine and Tarek it will be the second MUN conference after MUNOH 2014. For Maria it will be the fourth conference. She was at the MUNoH conferences in 2013/ 2014 and she will be at MUNNY in 2015. We chose to be in the Event Management because we like to organise things, want to have a big challenge at MUNoH 2015 and we want to do some changes that will help make your stay and the conference in Hamburg unforgettable and awesome. We think that MUN is a good way to improve many of our organisation skills and we think that it is important that students are informed about the political problems all around the world. We will organise the Committee Evening and the City/ Night life tour through Hamburg and of course the big MUN-Party. We hope to see you at MUNoH 2015 and that you will have a good and unforgettable time and hopefully you will enjoy your stay here in Hamburg very much.
Josephine Asare, Maria Mastoridis and Tarek Sultan

Head of Media Staff

Dear participants and guests of MUNoH 2015. We are Dominik Wilms, Malin Rinne and Jannik Prignitz, Head of Media, Computer and Photo Staff for this year´s conference. All of us are currently attending the 11th grade at the Gymnasium Meiendorf. We chose the “International Relations” profile to be a part of the organizing team and to see the conference from a different side. We are responsible for all kind of Media like (computers, beamer, microphones, cameras and more...) as well as updating the Web- and Facebookpage. As the Media Staff of MUNoH 2015, we will give our best to achieve a very enjoyable and organized conference. If you have any type of questions or need help with the “Online Registration” contact us on We are looking forward to see you all in September 2015.
Best regards Dominik, Malin and Jannik

Head of Kitchen Staff

Dear participants of Model United Nations of Hamburg 2015, we are Jonas Weimann, Nadin Machalski and Neele-Bente Beyer and we are the Head of kitchen. We experienced being an Ad-staff at the last year’s Conference and we really enjoyed it. This year we will be part of the executive team and our task is to provide all MUN participants with exquisite food, biscuits, coffee and enough sweets. We will try our best to provide you tasty lunches the whole week.
Best regards Jonas, Nadin and Neele

MUN-Director & Head of the Approval Panel

Dear participants, as the teachers responsible for the Approval Panel we will see to it that during the conference your resolutions are corrected swiftly and efficiently by your MUN Directors. At the same time it is our responsibility to help the MUN Directors during the preparation process for the conference if necessary and to make them feel at home at MUNoH 2015. Last but not least we are there to keep an eye on the executive staff as a whole and to support them in their task of organizing the MUNoH 2015 conference for you.
See you in September, Nina Flindt, Tanja Runge and Inge Breckwoldt